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Amar Harolikar

Decision Sciences Practitioner : Retail Banking

Phone: +91-98452-30763

Email: amar@harolikar.ai

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Hello, I'm Amar

I am an analytics and data science professional, working in this space since late 1990's. Analytics for me  is both a passion and a profession. I developed an analytics product for equity analysis and tracking in late 1990's during my CA articleship days, and that was the beginning of a fabulous journey. The next 10+ years till 2010 were in hands-on roles, where I worked with Fidelity, Genapact. Standard Chartered Bank and others. Worked on a wide variety of projects including Machine Learning , Modeling, Strategic Analysis and Reporting.  Some of the key projects I worked on hands-on have generated an incremental signed-off first year bottom-line impact of over USD 7 MM. I then stepped out of the corporate world for a couple of years to pursue another of my passions : derivative trading. I used analytics driven setup with hit rates in excess of 65%. I returned to the corporate world in 2012 and have played a variety of operational leadership as well as techno-functional leadership roles since then with Wipro , EXL and HSBC.

So far I have had the opportunity of working with a variety of organizations : startups / very small org. / India business / offshore in an in-house environment  / offshore with large service providers / offshore with small service providers. This has provided me with a great view of what works and what doesn't in the area of analytics and AI. 

My strength : Analytics & AI for Impact'.


Here is what one of my bosses told me early in my career.... when I thought I had done a fabulous (and sophisticated) analysis with a nice big 'estimated incremental impact' number, and in beginning stages of discussion for actual implementation.  I thought I will get an award, but I nearly got fired. Says my boss (his actual wordings are unprintable, I have toned it down here) "Amar, any Tom Dick or Harry can do an analysis or build a model  and show an 'estimated impact' , but only a few can can actually take it to full implementation....and even fewer can get a written sign-off from the business on the actual impact. You get your salary and bonuses for creating actual impact, and not for spinning the wheels. If you can't do that....it's your funeral" . There were a few other things he said in similar vein, which too are unprintable ...but you get the idea....

That was a hard lesson, and I had a very tough time ...but an invaluable one and has stayed with me ever since. Many a times since then I have had the opportunity to create real impact, and many a times I have spun my wheels. I am immensely proud of the times when I was able to create real impact, and consider the rest as a learning experience and corporate reality.

Throughout my career, I had the opportunity to work with remarkable teams and great leaders. Some lessons that I learnt from my bosses...on team management side :
  • Let your team manage the deliveries ; you manage the environment; be ready to go hands-on when required

  • Genuinely care for your team members (implemented on the ground as TRP : a written Talent Review Plan / 1-1)

  • Be transparent with your team members on their career aspirations; show all your cards; don't create false hope

  • Training's : most are useless; created to make the organizations and employees feel good about themselves

  • Knowledge Sharing Sessions : scrap it ; everybody wants it - but nobody want do it.

  • Work with HR / Staffing / Finance / Facilities etc : as if they are part of your team and not adversaries

  • Bend over backwards for customer satisfaction, but don't break your back

  • Sometimes the customer is wrong ; call it out gently but assertively - and be ready to face the consequences

  • If you cannot do something well, then step aside and don't do it at all - a broken product is sometimes worse than no product.


Hands-on analytics practitioner; 20 years creating business impact
▸ USD 7MM+ of SIGNED-OFF first year bottom-line impact from hands-on implementations alone
▸ Built high-impact analytics teams; turned around operational metrics, gross margins, CSAT & people metrics
▸ Domain expertise : retail banking , custodial/ RIA (USA) ; marketing, risk & finance analytics
▸ ex-derivative trader, specializing in index futures, with hit rates in excess of 60%
▸ Methodologies: Strategic analysis, reporting / BI / automation, linear programming / optimization, machine learning including deep learning
▸Tools : Python, Power BI, SAS, Excel, MS access, web technologies, google cloud platform (GCP)


  • Advanced Analytics

  • Machine Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Optimization

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Modeling

  • Strategic Analysis

  • MIS / Reporting Platforms

  • Dashboards

  • Automation

  • Retail Banking : Marketing/ Finance / Risk

  • US Custodial / RIA Marketplace

  • Capital Markets : Equities / Derivatives/ Trading 

  • Python

  • Power BI

  • Advanced SAS 

  • Advanced Excel & MS Access

  • Analytics tool development

  • Web Development


Over the period of past two decades I have worked with HSBC, EXL Service (supporting DBS Bank Singapore), Wipro (supporting Sears USA), Fidelity (supporting Fidelity Custody and Clearing Services), Genpact, Standard Chartered Bank India and others.

For detailed work experience profile you may refer to my LinkedIn profile

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  • Martial Arts : TaeKwonDo - Bronze Medal - Mumbai Mayors Cup 2001 / Judo


May 1998

Chartered Accoutant


  • All groups taken together and first Attempt throughout

  • 15th All India Rank in CA Inter

  • Top 1% percentile

Dec 1995

Cost & Management Accountant


  • Qualified during CA articleship

  • Finals in first attempt

April 1994

Bachelor of Commerce


  • Specialization in Mathematics & Statistics


Feel free to reach out to me to explore requirements, short term or part time. I work alone on consulting & short term projects and typically work only on one assignment at a time. Given limited bandwidth, I take on only a small set of projects which play to my strengths. I have seen this work out well for my business partner too, as they get top notch deliveries.

➛ 100% individual contributor role; artifacts / projects / POC's/ prototypes
➛ Support high impact projects; mentoring juniors, client interfacing and hands-on if required.

➛ Build out analytics team
➛ Run analytics team: turnaround operational, people and P&L metrics

I use the term analytics in its broadest sense, and include reporting, BI, strategic analysis, data science, optimization, machine learning, AI and pretty much anything else to do with putting money on the table with data. No offense meant to anybody in clubbing reporting and AI in the same bucket. It's just easier to use a single term in my LinkedIn profile. I respect all other definitions.

Detailed profile and industry references available on request.


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